Monday, December 24, 2007

1st Retightening

As to be expected, I had lots of slippage in the back. But as I keep hearing patience, patience, patience!! Here are some pics after my long extended re-tightening session.

Initially my scalp started going crazy with dryness and all the drama that comes with it - flakes and itching. But I have determined that the sisterlock starter shampoo just isn't going to work for me. It actually felt like it was burning my scalp whenever I used it. I am down to washing my hair only weekly now with a natural shampoo. I can't quite remember the name of it right now since I am not at home, but it has been working so far. Hopefully this will help with the slippage since I am not washing so frequently.
I am in Greensboro, NC right now visiting with my husband's family for Christmas. I have to admit that I married into a wonderful family and that is a blessing itself. But thinking of blessings brings me to my next thought.
Warning: Non-hair topic
Lately, I have gotten so excited just to hear people say Merry Christmas. That's crazy that the true meaning of this season is getting lost in all of the "Happy Holidays" and "Seasons Greetings". There would be no season if there were no Jesus. I'm in no way trying to be politically correct. It just makes me so upset that people are afraid to say "Merry Christmas". The greatest gift that I could ever receive is the gift of life that Christ gave me. I can be free, and salvation is a gift. People spend so much time spending money they don't have, for things they don't want to buy for people they don't even like. What sense does this make? Now I understand that I am making a very general statement. However, the meaning of what Christmas represents is so lost nowadays. It is the celebration of Christ's birth, not the celebration of Santa Clause. I run the risk of being a "scrooge", but I do not want to lose myself in what people consider to be important in this season.
I am so thankful for Christ and the gift that he gave. It is not only for me, but for all who acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior. I want to encourage everyone to really think about the real reason you celebrate Christmas. Then maybe we won't be so timid to say....
Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 2

Hair with Sisterlocks has been a breeze. Outside of my scalp issues, I have no complaints. I have set up an appointment with a Dermatologist so hopefully he can shed some insight to my skin issues and the thinning hair on my crown. I will say though that I got to spend the say with all of my Disney friends on Saturday!! Kwesi and I had a blast. It was so wonderful to be a kid again. And the icing on the cake was that I was able to spend an entire day in the Florida sun, and not worry about sweating out my hair...LOL!! You can't beat that at all.

I am scheduled for a retightening session next Monday so I will have to update on how that goes.