Thursday, May 8, 2008

Still loving my hair

I know....I know. I am the biggest slacker ever!! Blame it on the baby :-) So I have finally experienced what it is like to go through a first trimester of pregnancy. I can't say that it was bad, but I had no energy or motivation at all, and food was not my friend. Although you can't tell by the way my belly is looking, I actually lost 7 pounds!

The problem is, why couldn’t I lose the wait this easily before I became pregnant??? Oh well, God knows best so let me just go with the flow. I’m just excited about the whole experience.

My hair is growing and I can finally see some length. I was hanging out with my line sisters not long ago and I took a picture of a twist out that I did. I think it came out okay considering I only had it twisted for like 30 minutes before I had to leave. Hair is so easy now. I love the way it just sticks out really funky so I am enjoying this phase.

One major breakthrough was my consultant made record time on her retightening - 5 hours!! I know, to me it is still a bit much. But it is at least improving. Thanks to those on Lockitup who ensured me that as she gets more clients, her speed should increase.

I know this picture is not the best on clarity, but you get the point. I’ll try to update with more pictures soon. Thanks for those checking up on me, you are the best!!